Bulk SMS Rate Hike Due To CARTEL Policy | What Will Be The Effect On My Business

15 May

Bulk SMS RateThere will be huge effect on business by increasing sms price as per government regulation. Business will able to get quality and hassle free sms services from the Operators. There are alot of changes that government is doing apart from revise pricing like accuracy level of delivery of bulk sms will be improve as well time bound.

With this industry consolidation, 3 key players (Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio) are driving market pricing, capacity volumes and Quality of Service benchmarks for all Indian telecom mobility solutions. This is the core decision of Telecom Operators, and we assure you that nor do we nor any other service provider play any role in this increase of pricing PAN India.

Due to the steep change in A2P messaging cost, we have no option but to increase our pricing according to the market standards. So the new pricing would come into effect from 15th May, 2018, and would be applicable to the existing as well as prospective users of our services. No such hike in Bulk SMS prices was expected beforehand and the team at YourBulkSMS has no control over the altered prices and needs to comply with the newly introduced rule by the respective telecom operators. Revised rates will be announced on 15th May 2018, by the operator. All the other terms and conditions, except the pricing, will remains the same.

Previously there were two ways of sending sms, submission and deliver base whereas now the government is going to implement only submission base that will more helpful for clients and it will eradicate fake companies those who are cheating customers on the name of delivery of sms.

At the end it is win win situation to the service provider as well as customers.

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