Transactional Bulk SMS Service For Your Business
Sending SMSs has always been an easy and efficient way of engaging your target customers. SMS can be sent in bulk amounts in order to fulfil the needs of your business. Thus, the Bulk SMS Services have been divided into two major sections- Promotional Bulk SMS service and Transactional Bulk SMS service namely. Transactional bulk SMS services are one of Read More
SMPP Services Great Benefits in Bulk SMS Marketing
SMPP in the simplest of terms, are Short Message Peer-to-peer protocols to exchange messages used mostly by telecom industries. This protocol is utilized by the SMPP services provider in India (and all over the world of course), which we’ll talk about in a while. But this is stuff that one can just know, right? Two google clicks away. Let’s talk Read More
Bulk SMS Providers: A Thriving Multimedia Technology
In this competitive era of modernization and socialization, the marketing of products also demands digitization with every single individual carrying their world at fingertips. The marketing via social networking aids in the expansion of advertisement to a great extent. Bulk SMS providers in India are one such expanding organization which aids in not only the advertisement of the products but Read More
Retain Your Customers By Using Bulk SMS API
With the introduction of mobile technology, the world is continuously witnessing the increase in mobile phone users. Without implementing technological changes and different marketing strategies you cannot expect growth in this competitive world.   Sending bulk SMS is, therefore, considered the best convenient and fast way to convey information to multiple users with the help of a single click. Bulk Read More
List of Industries Who Often Use Bulk SMS for Communication
These days almost everyone has a cell phone. Every day, this communication device is being largely used for various purposes. Among the various utilities of a cell phone, one is obviously that we can send text messages through it. This is known as SMS or Short Messaging Service. This is a very useful and effective way of communication entailing a Read More
Is Bulk SMS Also Useful for E-commerce Sites Business
The trend of ecommerce has already exercised its influence all over the world. Almost everything has taken the form of online shopping. For example, money transaction, blogging, social networking sites, playing games, shopping clothes, electronics, surfing online jobs. etc have already come to the front in recent years. Therefore, under the fast-growing trend of ecommerce, it is essential for web Read More
IP Warm-up Definition IP warming is the process of methodically adding campaign volume week-over-week to a new IP Address to establish a positive sending reputation with Internet Services Providers. (ISPs) IP Warm-up Summary ISPs view email from a new IP Address as suspicious until they establish a positive sending reputation. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to achieve maximum deliverability Read More
Making your Email Spam Filter Friendly
Spam is increased day by day and anti-spam filters are getting more aggressive. It’s more difficult to the inbox of the recipient in these days, even you are a legitimate sender. However, there are some easy-to-apply tricks which will make your email content more friendly with anti-spam filters. Tips To Go Right Into Recipient Inbox Never use URL shortening service That’s Read More
How Do I Choose A Bulk SMS Service Provider
There are several software companies that have come up with the products of sending bulk SMS and with proper marketing, they have helped us to know the convenience of the services. Sending SMS is fun, its instant and intimate mode of interaction. Text messaging can be stored as proof of communication and the communicator can produce at times of requirement. Read More
What Are The Uses Of Voice Call/SMS?
It is the time of quick information dissemination, within seconds it is possible to send SMS from pc. Even a few years back it is difficult for us to receive and send SMS, as it was a costly process and the paging services were not well-networked. Actually, communication convergence has revolutionized the process of information delivery and now with the Read More